Wednesday, November 12, 2014

time flies when you're busy

Foodie took this picture

Sorry gang - I didn't realize it's been a few days....We are in the last few days before my father-in-law moves to the Cal Veterans Home on the 19th. It will be such a pleasure to visit him there, instead of the care facility that he is at now. They make it such a fun place to live - multiple daily outings, parties, events etc. We know where his private room is so the Husband took a video of it to show his dad. We are all excited.

It was just a year ago, that he was basically dumped on us. We had no place for him, not to mention his attitude was terrible. But the year, he has mellowed and I kinda like him again. Oh he's grumpy at times - I figure at 88 1/2 you can be. He can also be funny and very charming. You have to watch the charm because he does tend to cross the line, by today's standards.

There is this one guy, at the care facility that my heart just grabs. He's a mean guy with a soft heart. The meanness is his exterior and is meant to keep people away. But I broke through and he knows it. They call him Wild Bill. He tends to mumble and doesn't like to make eye contact - but for some reason, I like him. So I may just have to go over there, on occasion and see him. I will miss him. 

I've been busy with the Ladies Auxiliary - and with Char.


  1. Oh that is such a beautiful picture... so serene. I'm also glad things are finally coming together with the Veterans Home. It sounds like a wonderful place for your father-in-law. Enjoy the rest of your day... :)

  2. It will be great if you can visit Wild Bill occasionally. A lot of people don't have many visitors. Grouchiness is probably a way of acting as if he doesn't care where he is.


    1. deep down, I am always attracted to the grouchy ones - I can tell deep down they really are not as grouchy as they want me to think. I can get them to smile - like Wild Bill.


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