Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stiff Neck

Woke up this morning with a horrible stiff neck. I can't move my head - or shoulders. So the Husband dug out for me, Navy's old neck brace he wore after a football injury. I am wearing that and while it does hold my head and neck in better alignment, I just don't feel normal.

I've done the moist heat, and ice - I've taken Advil and a muscle relaxant. Cannot take Aleve, as I am allergic to it. All I can do is rest it.

In a few, we're going down to the post for a turkey dinner and I'm only going because I am hungry plus I don't have to cook. Oh hell, I'm over being vain on how dumb I look. If I don't wear this contraption, I feel as if a 75lb bowling ball is resting on my head, neck and shoulders. I know when I walk in, everyone will automatically think I was in a car accident. NO, I slept the wrong way because my cute little kitten was next to me and I am so co-dependent with my animals I slept like a pretzel all night.

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  1. A stiff neck sucks and it is bloody painful as well, thankfully it has been years since I have had a stiff neck. Tim used to get one every few months but hasn't suffered from one in years now


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