Thursday, November 20, 2014

Never too old

Yesterday ended a whirlwind of a year with my father-in-law. He finally moved into the Veterans Home. It's more of a retirement home, and not so much a care facility that he was in before. Although he is in the skilled nursing area because of his diabetes and such. It was a LONG day that started at 7am. A lot of paperwork and going over, his medical needs. We delivered all his drugs to the VA, and they make note of each one and then gave the bag to us to throw out. What a waste. It's about liability. They only use their own, just in case one of the drugs he brought over was compromised in some way. I sure do wish, they all had a better way - these could be used for the poor. So now we have to find a place to trash the drugs.

We had to talk about his final arrangements, should he die there - we had to talk and sign papers about everything. He will have about $400 extra a month for his own personal needs and he was pretty happy about that. He did have some questions that shocked us: He asked twice about, what if he should remarry.  WHAT???? Yes this 88 1/2 yr old man, does not give up. Well truth is, he is still married. I know he has a girlfriend at the care facility he just left because he asked about going back to visit. NO WAY. It may sound cruel but this man has been married 6 times. He's addicted to marriage and anyway, right now he is still legally married.

He did talk to his wife in Wisconsin. They have not talked since June, due to a issue with his so-called FREE phone. They kept trying to charge him. So he stopped using it. Anyway I overheard him tell her, "It's all for the best" and he said it like three times. Then I heard him say, "I miss you too but it's all for the best."  So it sounds like she misses him and has second thoughts about their divorce. He is ready to move on and that's fine, after all, they dumped him on us. But he is NOT going to remarry and mess up all that we had to do, to get him in to this nice facility.

He wants to buy a laptop - and that's great but I know him. He's looking to find a lot of girlfriends.  He's still an old goat.


  1. Marry at 88? I thought my uncle got married a lot. He had 5 wives and the last stuck and lasted a long time..
    Odd about the drugs. Not surprising, but as you say, a waste.

    1. Yep addicted to marriage....

  2. Oh my goodness. That is the most charming post I have read in a long time. I chuckled quite a bit.
    Your father-in-law sounds like a book that is yearning to be written.

    1. oh yeah, he's a book alright!

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