Sunday, October 12, 2014


We are getting some Fall-like weather and might even get some rain by mid-week. We're looking at mid-80's but drop down into the 50's at night. Red flag warning because of the North wind we are having. Just starting to see some color...

Friday we made the long drive down to Sacramento for the husband's biopsy. Lets just say, the drive home, took some time - having to stop at rest-stops along the way. Obviously we are hoping for a good result. We find out in about 2 weeks.

We should be hearing soon, about the FIL as to whether he gets to move into the VA Home. Last Monday we all had a big 2 hour interview. He was charming, witty and I see no reason why they should not accept him. My goodness he is 88 1/2 years old. We should hear about that Monday.

Lately all we have are appointments and waiting for "results" on various things. I think I like BORING way better. Or at least, spread these things out the whole year, instead of bunching them up so close together.

I need to clean my house. I mean REALLY get in there and clean. Reorganize. We still haven't painted.The husband "trimmed" some bushes out in the front of our house that act like a living fence - hedge and he totally butchered it. Cut off all the green and left only brown branches. I'm sick about it. He says it will green up again...but in the meantime it looks awful.


  1. Good luck to the husband!

  2. Waiting is so difficult. Whenever I rearrange and reorganize, which is mainly when I am in the middle of a waiting time or a BORING way, I feel re-energized. It is a productive distraction.
    Your living fence will green up again, but I get how you feel every time you look at it. It’s another thing that you have to wait for.

    1. Yeah getting busy makes the time go faster.

  3. I was thinking only yesterday I really need to get in and clean out my cupboards but thinking and doing are two different things


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