Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Not looking forward to this

Lately all I do is post and run - and I am afraid this post will be the same. Received word that my favorite male cousin, the oldest one in our family, has stage 4 liver cancer. He's coming out to California from Ohio, to basically say his goodbyes to family out here. Then when he gets back, he will go into hospice. I believe he is about 73 or 74.

I knew he had cancer, but I don't my own world I guess. His daughter, told me when they got word from the doctors, that nothing more could be done, he decided to make this quickie trip to California. She also said, she hardly can believe it herself because just last week, he was using the mower. - I called him and I could hardly understand him but he wanted to know if I personally have ever known anyone who has been healed of cancer by using cannabis. I know it saved my brother-in-law - can't say for sure if it was that and that alone. He was younger and stronger. He used it to combat the nausea from Chemo. This was in the late 70's. Honestly, it probably should have been started at the very beginning.

So I am sad. They are having a BBQ/reunion on Sat but I can't make it. The Husband and I will drive down to the Bay Area on Sunday. Normally I could drive down on my own, but my sciatica is bad and I need another driver with me. We'd make it a weekend except we have a LA meeting on Monday night that I have to be at.

Boy you know you are getting old, when the family starts dropping off - he's not the first cousin who has died. I believe we've had about 3 so far out of 30. I feel for my Aunt Mae - who is 95 and has seen the death of her parents and all of her 8 siblings and soon, another nephew.

5 years ago - Aunt Mae, Cousin Garnett and Cousin Brenda


  1. That's too bad. Do you think you would travel like he is? I don't think I would.

  2. I am sorry about your favorite cousin’s illness. I believe whatever means there are to ease pain and make someone who is suffering more comfortable should be readily available for that person. He will get that care from Hospice.


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