Monday, August 11, 2014

tough cat

Man, I am trying not to mope around but it sure is lonely without my Daisey Mae. It's like everything is the "first time" without her. Like the husband and I, sat out in the front and we commented how the last time we did this, Daisey was with us. I'm good, if I don't dwell on it and over think it all. I try not to second guess - it had to be done. (I guess)  Perhaps if I was a millionaire I could of given her a bit more time.

So now I have this kitten and she is a crack up. It's not my imagination, that she seems to gravitate toward me. Follows me around. I love it, except she can be a little pest. Right now she is sleeping with the husband so I can get some things done.

She has found the kitchen counters, the window sills, and the top of the dining table. No more tablecloths for awhile.

I only wish I had brought home a kitten BEFORE Daisey passed like we had wanted to do.  She would of enjoyed this kitten so much.


  1. I have never recovered from the death of my Faulkner in 2010. He was the dog of my life. Adopting Franklin eased the pain a bit, but I think of Faulkner every day. I don't want to be a downer, but I'm not going to say, Hey, it's okay, you'll forget about Daisey.

    You won't forget. And you wouldn't want to forget.


    1. I don't want to forget her.

  2. Yes it is sad but the new kitten is pretty damn cute


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