Thursday, August 21, 2014

kittens and puppies for everyone

I have been feeling blah lately. Maybe every since we had to put Daisey to sleep?  (She was my BFF-calming-companion) Then Robin Williams suicide, Iraq, Ferguson and now that beheading.On the local front, they arrested a 19 year old for killing his dad and dismembering his body. I am not a f-word spewing person but WTF is going on in our world?  I have a hard time with it all. I get stuck. I'm trying not to let it consume me. But then, I don't want to be apathetic to what is going on.

I talked with my sister the other night - bless her heart. She also was traumatized by Robin Williams suicide. Her husband committed suicide on their 4th wedding anniversary, about a year and a half before Mom did hers.  He drugged my sister to where she slept and didn't wake up. Then he took his overdose and died in bed with my sister. When she woke up, he was dead. Then to beat it all, he had prearranged flowers to be delivered to the house, wishing her a Happy Anniversary. Nice guy! She told me she needs to go talk to someone because she hasn't had a good nights sleep, since Rick's suicide.  She has this fear, that her present husband will die and she will wake up with him dead. I feel so bad for her.

Thank God I have a little kitty cat, at my feet, trying to attack my toes. I think everyone should get a kitten...(or a puppy) all at the same time. Then who has time for bombs and wars, and rioting and killing...we would all be playing with these sweet little furry animals -  lowers blood pressure and creates a calmness. I think the world needs this.


  1. You are absolutely right, dear Coffee Lady. Pets help take our attention off the horrors in the news. They reduce blood pressure and give us a sense of happiness and well being. Daisey would want you to have another animal companion.

    What happened to your sister is one of the most twisted and sick scenarios I ever heard of. No wonder she can't get a good night's sleep. I am very sorry she had to endure such a traumatic event and I hope somehow she can put it behind her. In the meantime, your wellness is job one and I hope you will focus on puppies and kittens. God put them here for a reason.

  2. How awful for your sister! And what a selfish thing for her husband to do! There is so many horrible things going on right now in this world. Your right, it's hard to find a balance where you can cope and not become apathetic. Thank God for you little kittie! My cats always give me reason to smile!

  3. You are very wise. Love kitties and puppies. Forget war.


  4. A world where everyone has a little kitten or a puppy. That would be a bliss!

  5. Kittens and puppies are so bloody cute


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