Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One day at a time...

Dec 2013

So I am going on our camping weekend. This time I do believe it will be good for me and believe it or not, I want to go. I need to get out and get my mind off Daisey.  It will be good to spend this quality time with my family in the mountains. (AS if I need any more time with them!!!) HA!

My sweet husband, took a vacation day, and did not go to work the day we put Daisey to sleep. So he stayed with me that night. The poor man, had been up all night to work, and then was up all morning and until after the appointment. We got home at about 3:30. He tried to sleep, but he said when he closed his eyes, he saw Daisey. It was a rough night for both of us.

Yesterday, we both got up early - about 5:30 am and sat out on the patio. The birds came to visit. Quinn hopped the fence to take a drink from the pond and Ms Buster sat on a chair, between us.

We talked about past dogs in our lives, that we've had to say goodbye to. That helped. Then we decided we are going to finally bury Sport's ashes and we will bury Daisey's ashes. We started planning that...what flowers we would plant (Daisies of course for Daisey) and stepping stones....a nice seating area. I can't wait to get started.

Ms Buster

Before all of this, we had planned, to get a kitten after our camping weekend. We will still go ahead with this plan. It's funny how animals are. Ms Buster, (our cat) last night walked over to a spot in the yard, Daisey liked to sit at, and she sniffed around. We are ALL feeling the loss.

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