Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lavender is my favorite color

Last year's photo

Yesterday we went to the Lavender Festival. Not only do I love the color, but I love the fragrance. We had lavender tea and lavender apricot scones. You can taste just enough of it... We also had grilled chicken with a seasoning rub that had lavender in it and it was tasty.

This place, grows the most varieties in the US - almost 200 different ones and is one of 2 growers in the US that has exclusive rights to the Tuscany Lavender from Italy. Anybody remember Rona Barrett, a talk-show host and gossip columnist of the 70's?  She is the other one. She apparently has a lavender farm near Santa Barbara. I googled her and boy, is she old now. Oh well, aren't we all?

There are white lavender plants and pink ones - as well as the lavender and purple. The Spanish lavender is basically a week that grows wild in Spain, flowers early in spring and then dries up and looks ugly. Does not have a lavender fragrance - more like a stink-weed aroma. Lavender farms like to plant these plants, because when they flower out in spring, they bring the bees in early and bees love lavender!

The husband wants to grow some in our front yard - totally drought resistant. Takes about 3 years for them to get to where you can harvest and have a good amount. I brought home English and Tuscany types of lavender. So pretty.

I have a headache today - and I am sitting on a ice pack. Still not 100%. Daisey Mae is still swollen on her bum as well. 


  1. I think it is very pretty, but have never cared for the smell. I was at Whole Foods today, and the place reeked of it.

  2. I love lavender the flower, the smell and the colour


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