Saturday, July 12, 2014

Daisey loves her Mommy

It just seems, it wouldn't be a normal summer without a fire. Last night a fire broke out just a little southwest of us. Grew to 2800 acres by today and only 10% contained. Sometimes I think there won;t be any beautiful mountain forests left with all the fires we have had, but when I look at the Cal Fire map, it's just a smidgen of acreage when you look at it on the map. Northern California forests are spacious. But still, this is a fire that is more close in - with people and livestock living within those trees and valleys.

My back had been giving me pain for a while so I finally went in to see my Doctor on Wednesday. He gave me a shot in my sciatica and I am already feeling better. He said, 2-4 weeks before I am healed. Still a little sore at the injection site. I have to do physical therapy - 2 times a week for 4 weeks.

Then the next day, Daisey Mae, was down in her back. At first, I thought, "Oh no, she can't be having sympathy pains for me?" I gave her a Tramadol but by yesterday she had a fever 103.7 and had a huge swelling on her lower back. So took her in and the vet put her on Rimadyl, a anti-inflammatory and it seems to be working. It's day 2 and she is able to move much better. Still has some swelling. I don't know what she did, to hurt herself. Probably charging up that hill, in our backyard - for her morning bark sessions with the neighbors dogs. She's a beast!

2 weeks till we leave for camping - Daisey and I have to get our act together and get well. Because unless we both come up dead, we have to go! Everyone is counting on us.


  1. Hi, dear Coffee Lady! I'm sorry to learn that you and Daisey Mae have both been aching. I hope you are both on the mend now. My Cocker Spaniel Toto had arthritis in her legs and needed to take Tramadol. Two weeks from now it will be a year since we needed to put her down at age 14.

    A few years ago a muck and brush fire spread through our neighborhood and burned through the woods right to the edge of my lawn before firefighters got it contained. It was alarming and the smoke hung in the air for days making it very hard to breathe.

    As I told you on my blog I am taking a 3 week break starting next Sunday. I will be traveling across the country to visit family in SoCal. I will resume active blogging early next month. If I don't get the chance to chat with you again before I leave, please take good care of yourself and Daisey and enjoy your camping trip!

  2. I feel your pain mainly because I have been having so much pain in my back as well, I am off to the doctor tomorrow bet she doesn't want to give me anything to help with it. Hope Daisey is doing better as well


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