Wednesday, July 16, 2014


My last post about false praise and all, made me think of something. Am I proud of my sons and my step-daughter?

I am proud that they are nice guys - not criminals or druggies. I am not pleased (or proud) that they are still living with me. Now granted, they both had been living on their own for quite some time but their bad choices, had them moving back home.

I could blame the economy - some of that is true but what I am not proud of, is the way they seem to just give up. I am not proud of the procrastinating I see in them, Charleen included. ENOUGH already. How long does it take for them to figure out, that procrastinating only digs their grave deeper.

I love my sons, and my step-daughter but they really are of a different generation - I tired - God knows I tried. That age - they totally disregard everything their parent says, and will listen to some guy in the Navy, or some guy at work or a friend - who has little to no experience and then take it as gospel truth. It happens every time.

My sons don't require me to tell them, I am proud. However, my step-daughter - needs that affirmation all the time. She keeps that RV a mess. She can't find anything - it smells. She sleeps in till late, goes to bed late. Takes naps in the afternoon. IT BUGS ME.  I know she is on SSI, but do something!!!  Honestly, she acts like she is a lady of leisure. and come on now, if anyone deserves to be a lady of leisure it should be me. I'M 60 years ago, for Gods sake!!!!

The other day, she got up early and took a walk, and then asked me if I was proud of her, for getting up early and walking. I hate to mean but I told her,

"I'll be more proud when you've done this for a few months consistently and have made some disciplined changes to your routine."

With that, she turned on her heels, with a "Well, I am PROUD MY MYSELF" and left. 

I am just so sick and tired of these people, who live with me. I love them...I just don't know. And don't tell me they need to go. YES I KNOW, they need to go. Where? On the streets? Paying off too many bills (from bad choices) to car problems (procrastination) to Divorce (impulsive decision)

I wish I had a parent to go home to - to bail me out or give me a safe place to be. Ain't going to happen though.

Now, how do you like them apples???


  1. Oh Yeah! Those apples, I know them well!

  2. I wonder if you'd miss them if they all left. :)

  3. Oh how I wish I could go home to India just for a month even when I feel agitated by work at home.
    My parents are not alive either.
    Those apples are beautiful and look yummy.

    1. yeah we never knew how good we had it when we were with our parents. I miss "home."

  4. Oh I so hear you, these young ones who think the world owes them a living with them doing nothing except staying up late and sleeping late and having naps all the bloody time. They give up to bloody easy like throwing in the towel is so much easier than washing the towel and starting again. I have never returned to my parents home since I left it 30yrs ago, my girls are all out on their own and I wouldn't turn them away if they really needed to come home but I hope it doesn't happen and really what adult wants to live with their parents after being out on their own.

    1. I never went back home to live either, even after my divorce.

  5. My kids have been on their own for years. Don't take it wrong I love them but I can't imagine any of them piling back home which now feels like my personal space. It sounds if you kicked it up a notch they may be glad to go somewhere else. Shoot if someone were treating my house like they were staying at the Ritz I'd turn my house into a bootcamp of some sorts.

    1. I do know they want to get a place of their own, it's just not possible now. Bills, not being able to qualify for a place - I figure, by the time I am so old that I stink, they will leave home.


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