Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Alone Time

Yesterday I had absolutely no time to myself. I had constant human companionship, practically all day. Foodie was off work - it was HOT so he was inside. He is a talker - he talks me to death. I'm telling you he makes my eyes cross. I have no place to go in this house to have alone time. I told Navy and Foodie twice, that I needed some "time" but the 2nd time I mentioned it, they gave me some lip.

"How much TIME do you need?"

I need 12 hours at least....

"What are you? A recluse?" 

Yes! Leave me alone!

Then Navy said his feelings were hurt - and totally tried to manipulate my maternal feelings. I resent that!

I went to the VFW Ladies Auxiliary meeting, last night, where I was voted in and installed as President. I get a office and I have my own desk. They will be giving me a key. Pretty bad, when you have to accept a board position, just so you can get your own private space. Hey I even have access to a wet bar!


  1. I cherish my alone "me" time, too, Coffee Lady, and Mrs. Shady doesn't seem to understand.

  2. I love being alone it is bless

  3. I agree, it's a bit sad. But wherever you can find your alone time, take it. For me, it's often the office. Even though I have to deal with customers and such, some days are slow in that aspect so I get a nice quiet day.

  4. Congratulations, Madam President! I am so used to be home by myself that it drives me nuts to have people around all day.

  5. Oh dear, the wet bar...don't get in too much trouble, for the alone time.
    That is my problem now, no alone time or anything time, with Husband injured from his work accident. Can't find any respite help either, too undependable.
    Take care a grab all you can of "time",

  6. I totally understand. The bathroom gives me some alone time, but that's not always a guarantee. They can talk through the door!! Take advantage of that wet bar!!!


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