Monday, June 30, 2014


We're HOT today. At least I can look forward to the 4th - 98 sounds downright cool to me. I get sleepy in this hot weather. Daisey Mae, woke me up around 5:45 am - which is good because I needed do a few things and knowing it was going to be upwards of 110, I plan to "siesta" in the afternoon. I did 2 loads of wash - hung a few items out on the line and within 15-20 minutes they were dry.

My electric bill came and I guess it was when Char started using her AC - and our solar shades had not made a difference yet. Went up $160 in one month. So we had a family meeting...

1. turn off lights when you leave a room
2. Fans do not cool a room, only the person. So turn off fans when you leave a room.
3. Turn off computers
4. I am trying to keep the outside lights off but the Husband keeps turning at least one of them on before he leaves.
5. I was leaving a light on in the dining area, for Char - if she had to come in at night. Now I have replaced it with a night light.
6. Turned the AC to kick on at 80. We had it at 77.
7. Char, being from the Pacific Northwest, doesn't quite "get it" about how living in a HOT environment is. She doesn't realize how expensive Electricity for the AC is.

It's weird how keeping the house at 80 is not that bad. We actually feel cooler than we had it at 77. Maybe we are getting used to it. I read where in desert climates many people go as high as 83 and 85 or 86 when they leave the house. Gee, I've been doing it all wrong. At times I would crank it down as low as 76. No wonder my bones were always hurting.

So we have July, August and Sept - maybe 2 weeks into Oct for these unGodly temperatures.  I sure hope it is not this HOT when we go camping. It shouldn't be - higher elevation - around 5000 ft or more. Cool at night, probably around 90 tops, for the daytime.

And as I have stated before - it's DRY HEAT. Our humidity is less than 10%. It's like walking around in a hot oven. You don't even work up a sweat.


  1. I stick with 78 during the summer. With some ceiling fans and pedestal fans it's the perfect temp in here. Willy Dunne Wooters likes heat and humidity and would not use AC if he had his choice, but he likes 78 in my house. I use night lights. I'm very careful about turning off everything when I leave a room. That's the way my father raised me. I lived in the Seattle area for a few years. When we moved to Maryland during the summer, I thought I would die, even though I grew up in Kansas. The Pacific Northwest spoiled me utterly and completely. I'll never be able to take the heat again, so I'd better stay out of the kitchen.


    1. I know, I grew up in SF and near there so cool ocean breezes spoiled me too. I've always been careful but with so many people living here, they think electricity is FREE and water is abundant. I hate humidity more than high heat.

    2. The Hurricane lives in the Bay Area. If she leaves, I think she'll have trouble adjusting to a different kind of weather.

  2. 109?!? I don't care how dry it is. That is HOT.

    1. yeah its like a oven. It was miserable yesterday

  3. Oh my goodness. Those temperatures are amazing. I’m pretty sure I would not be able to tolerate that heat for very long. Hopefully you will get some relief when you go camping.

    1. In the mountains, if will be warm during the day but way cooler at night.

  4. I don't like any extremes...extreme hot, extreme cold, extreme humidity, extreme dryness! Where is that perfect place???


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