Sunday, May 04, 2014

Denver conference

Yes I did make it to Denver - and while it was a whirl-wind of a trip, I had a good time and met some nice people.

It was the Cannabis Cup - although I left Denver early Sunday morning on the 4/20 - to get home. I really was only there for my business conference which does have to do with Cannabis. LEGAL industrial Hemp products.

I learned a lot - they had a medical panel of Doctors answering questions about the medical aspects of CBD's  - explaining the pain relieving and healing components, as well as the restorative benefits. Positive research is leaning toward possible cures for many well known diseases and illnesses, except that the US Government still places the Hemp as a Schedule 1 drug. Even though Industrial hemp has no psychoactive THC in it or only traces. It's maddening.

As for the business part of it - No doubt it is a first. I am what we call a Brand Ambassador or Distributor for Kannaway. The parent company has been around for a few years, HempMedspx and has won the Cannabis cup 4 years - for the highest content of CBD products. However, my company sells a much lower dose once again, due to FDA regulations. We cannot make medical claims. All we can do, is to tell people to do their research. Not fair, because I do see vitamin and weight loss shakes, that make medical claims all the time - we are being watched.

I was doing quite well with my company when I got back but then the family drama really kicked in. So I am playing catch-up now.


  1. Anonymous5:14 PM

    How were your roommates?

    1. They were wonderful. Nice ladies. I was lucky!


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