Monday, April 07, 2014

(A-Z) F is for the Eff word and the "Finger".

 The Eff Word

When I was a kid, we called it the Eff word around our parents. I never cared for the word - but would use it, when I was REALLY mad. My belief is if you use it all the time - then what do you use as your Eff-word when you are really really mad?  The Eff-word is my, "mother of all words" when I am mad. I hate that I get THAT mad, that I have to even use it. I often feel bad afterwards. After nearly 30 years in the childcare profession, I trained myself not to rely on it, as a everyday way of expression due to being around other people's children. If ever the Eff Word was not cool - it is when you are a Nanny or a childcare provider.

The Finger

Now that is just silly. When you really stop and think about it, "the finger" is just dumb. It is universal.I don't  use the finger that much. My hands are small and petite and it just doesn't show the strength of my anger, when I flip someone off. If anything, they probably laugh. Some people can really pull off the F-Finger.


  1. Interesting blog topic. Of the "words" when it comes to writing, I'd say the eff one is the one I'm more cautious about using. I'm even cutting out some of them in edits because it doesn't have the impact when used so often but there are just some occasions where it fits.

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  2. One time we had to call the rescue squad for Mom, she had fainted and was feeling poorly. No wonder it was about three days after my kids had been killed and she was overwhelmed.

    Anyway the EMT who came was a real butt head and very unprofessional, we were all so emotional and quite frankly shocked by how little bedside manner he had and just how insensitive he was to our whole situation.

    Anyway he was being a real wise ass to my mother (imagine acting that way to a woman getting ready to bury her two grandkids?) Anyway he was taking her BP and such and then finally he asked her if she had diabetes and she answered yes.

    He proclaimed that was probably the reason and he'd take her sugar, he needed a finger to draw blood. And you know what my Mom did in front of a house full of my kids friends and all of our family.....she gave it to him, right in his face!! I swear I had to walk out of the room I was laughing so hard.

  3. I agree with you! I don't really use either, not to say that I haven't ever used them, but very, very infrequently. I didn't want my children doing it, you know, sitting a good example. Also, I just don't get it, I guess. I think you can make a better point sometimes with a calm voice and clear explanation of what you think. I think I probably have only said it to my husband. Sometimes I just need to get his attention!! He really reacts when I use any "cuss" words, he just isn't used to it.

  4. I use the term effing as in what the effing hell do you want, and I have been known to give the finger at times hell even my mum who never swears will give the finger at times

  5. I completely agree about saving the "F" word for special occasions. Everyone needs a go-to word when times get rough, and you don't want to waste your good ones right out of the gate.

  6. The F word is sooo descriptive but it does lose its flavour when over used. I use it on my own quite a bit though I've been known to let it slip in company. The middle finger is hugely expressive.
    Thank you!


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