Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunny Sunday!

I hesitate to say in my loudest voice - that SPRING IS HERE!!! Or that, it's looking like an early summer.

Nope can't do that. Not that I believe in jinxes...just that I know as soon as I do that, we'll get rain. And of course, we NEED rain - so I can't do anything that would mess that up.  It's so nice out. I'm loving it. Can't complain much though about our winter - most of it was mild and sunny. And what is that, about April showers brings May flowers and we're not even out of March yet???  So while it is absolutely glorious out - I do have to maintain logic and decorum.

I love Sunshine!!! 


  1. Hmmm. It's 35°F here in the sun. Balmy.

    1. It's getting there for you all back's only March. Before you know it, you'll be hot and humid.

  2. Beautiful picture of the dogs jumping over the fence!


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