Saturday, March 01, 2014

My last post at age 59

Life is short and meant to be celebrated and I quite honestly,  have not felt like this,  since I was a child.

store-bought but delicious

One thing I did do, because I can - I bought my birthday cake and ate it! I shared with the husband and we both pigged out together - loving every minute of it. It wasn't a big cake. But it sure was good. Dark Chocolate cake with choc chips inside and chocolate fudge frosting with chocolate chips. It was so decadent! Who says you can't eat your birthday cake a day early? There should be a song about that!

I didn't do anything grand, for this day. I didn't want to. I enjoyed just being a lazy 59 year old. Well not too lazy. I did go to the grocery store 2 times! Char now has what we all had - so we went to the store and she got her the supplies; Kleenex, OJ, chicken soup, and cough drops. I had to go back a 2nd time to get cat litter and my birthday cake.

The good things that happened the past 10 years:

  • I became a great aunt and a great great aunt
  •  I finally moved out of the bay area -something I thought I could never do.
  • I found a long lost brother and met him and his family
  • I found my grandfather I never knew and visited his grave in Ohio
  • I handled a lot of financial stuff after my parents died.
  • I was a Navy Mom for 6 years and lived through 2 deployments with Navy.
  • I traveled to Chicago and Great Lakes, Ill for Navy's boot-camp graduation
  • I traveled back to VA, 2 separate times -  by myself. and did fine. 
  • I traveled to Alabama, Ohio and Colorado by myself for 3 weeks and did fine. Any traveling on the west coast doesn't count. We do that all the time.
  • I loved on other people's children, for a total of 12 years or so, as a nanny. It just happened to be my job.

Unfortunately, that is all I can come up with. I didn't write the great American novel nor did I travel to exotic places, climbed the highest peaks, or bungee jumped off great bridges.

I survived and for me, that was quite adventurous.

I'll TOAST to that!


  1. Those are good ten things. It was hard for me to deal with my fifties. A lot of confusion. Sixties are so much better.

    1. Maybe I have finally entered the age I belong in. Now that's a strange thought! Haha.


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