Sunday, March 02, 2014

My Day


The husband brought home a dozen donuts - to share with everyone, since practically everyone is awake due to our odd 24-hr home.

We had Peets Coffee, Italian Roast.  It's been a fun LOUD morning, with everyone up, talking, laughing and teasing me.  This is when "Family" is fun.

It is raining. We need it so I can't complain that it is dreary and dark. I have to find my sunshine somewhere else today.

The Husband also brought me home a plant of yellow daffodils - my flower. The reason is because on March 5, when my sister was born, my daddy brought Mommy and me, yellow daffodils.  They have been special to me ever since.

So what am I going to do today?

I have a gift card at Kohls - I want to spend some money. Just can't decide if I want to be practical and buy:

  1. a coffee pot
  2. a carpet cleaner
  3. new mp3 player

or should I just be friviolous and buy:

  1. skinny jeans
  2. summer clothes
  3. more shoes 
Don't know what we'll do for dinner tonight. No biggie to me. 2 out of the 5 will be sleeping so why bother?  Maybe I'll order pizza for me!  


  1. An MP3. Go for it. I really splurged and bought myself a Kindle Fire HDX. I have not spent any money on myself for probably 10 yrs. Not like this. I LOVE it.
    Enjoy your day

    1. yeah but I really need a carpet cleaner!!!! :-)

  2. Spend the money on yourself. Who needs clean carpet? Have a great time.

    1. yeah I probably will and still buy the carpet cleaner. YOU haven't seen my carpet!!!


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