Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm on a roll

Ever get on a roll - reading certain types of books or novels? I'm on a roll reading about GB and their kings and queens. My mom was hooked on all of that history and I never could embrace it, until a few weeks ago, I came across the book on King Henry's first wife - Catherine of Aragon. ( The Spanish Queen - by Carolly Erickson)  I was hooked. Now I am reading about Jane Seymour - his 3rd wife.  (By the same author) Of course we all know what happened to Anne Boleyn his 2nd wife. A classic case of "what goes around, comes around."  Ouch!


  1. My rolls tend to be Young Adult.

  2. The Hurricane and I like Philippa Gregory books. She gave me an autographed Philippa book for Christmas a few years ago.


  3. The only time I am on a roll is when I slip and fall over and end up rolling down a hill with people laughing at me


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