Friday, March 07, 2014

I don't do windows but I'l do floors

just look at those precious paws!!!

 Yep we've got beautiful warm sunshine till Sunday - we also have a lot of wet, gooey mud in the backyard.  I don't even know why I even bother to clean my floors - muddy paw prints on my hardwood floors. I've learned not to sweat it. If you allow it to dry, it flakes off with just a brush of the broom.

I have a floor fetish. Yeah, terrible isn't it?  I like clean floors.  I like to walk barefoot on my wood floors during the warm months. And if I am walking over crumbs, or sticky stuff or if I think it is germy, it gives me the hebejebes. I also like clean feet.

 I hate carpet.  To me, if you really take the time, and think about it - it's gross. Don't even get me started on carpet in the bathroom or those 3 piece bathroom rugs you see. Obviously the person who came up with that idea, didn't live with little boys. I remember years ago, my mom would get those rug things to put on the back of the toilet tank - and my poor dad finally had to tell her, that it was hard for him - he had to hold up the seat with one hand so the seat wouldn't come down fast and castrate him. Mom finally got it.

When I was a kid in San Francisco, I remember a friend of mine, Emily Wong. Her family had a bench of all their shoes, right at the door. And for their grown up guests they had these simple, woven thongs for people to wear. The Swedish family I used to nanny for, no one wore their outside-shoes in the house. I like that!

I also get creeped out when Char (or anyone else) sits on my sofa with their barefeet.  It grosses me out.

Now with all this said - it's funny how my dog or cat can basically can walk where they want in the house, or sit on the sofa and it doesn't bother me.

My animals on the most part - do no wrong in my eyes. Except if they potty in the house. Now the cat, Miss Buster,  is 100 years old and the other day, she peed by the toilet. Silly,  because the litter box was clean and just across from her. I wonder what she is trying to tell us?

Which reminds me I do not like to walk barefoot in anyone's bathroom. Gag me. You never know if their cat or their kid, pottied on the floor. Plus there is hair.

Floors are just gross, when you think about it. That's why it's my mission in life, to do floors.


  1. Miss Buster might have a UTI. I am much happier with my floors since Mrs. Roomba came to live with me. The floors were gross and gritty before. I take off my shoes when I get home and wear slippers around the house. I don't understand wearing outdoor shoes when one is indoors. I also have a hard floor cleaner that I push around and I pull a handle and it shoots out some water and cleaning solution as it scrubs, and then it sucks up the dirty water. If people saw the dirty water, then they might think twice about walking around barefoot because my house is pretty clean but the sucked-up water is gross. You've mentioned your son's acting a couple of times and did so in a comment on my blog recently. Will you provide more details? I'm curiouser and curiouser. Maybe you've provided the information in the past and I missed it.


  2. wellllll, okay. LOL

  3. Clean floors are a blessing. I grew up without carpeting in India. Just stone floors and my moms help always would broom clean and then wipe it with wet cloth mop. Here we have carpet in the living rooms and the bedrooms. My kitchen and bathroom floors are much cleaner than the carpeted floors. I totally understand what you mean.

  4. Carpet is gross, yet we have it. I don't like when "people" get all sweaty and sit on upholstered furniture. Gross! Take a shower!

  5. I also like a clean floors but I am lazy and don't to clean them as often as I wish I would, the same goes for the bath

  6. You can come clean my floors anytime!! I like clean floors too!

  7. We have beige carpet and a very muddy yard. Not fun with the dog.


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