Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ex wives

 As if we don't already have ENOUGH drama, Char was starting to miss her Mom and wanted to go back up to WA to visit with her for about a week but was afraid Roy would know. So she had her panties in a bunch - when the Husband suggested, that she have her Mom (his Ex) come down here. That way, she doesn't have to see Roy. He even said, she (his Ex) could stay here, in the RV with Charleen.

Not wanting to seem immature - I nodded my brainless head.

I started imaging what that would look like. Basically Weird! I decided that I was mature - that I have nothing against her Mom, in fact we talked for the first time a few months ago and she thanked me for watching over Char.

Of course the Husband has met my Ex...several times. There were times, we all got along cordially. But no way, would I ever consider having him stay with us. Just totally weird.

Later, Char told me her Mom declined the offer. I'm fine with that, and believe while we may all be mature adults - it wasn't a very good idea.

Some things just work out on their own.


  1. I think you should've bitch-slapped your husband. What a cock-a-maim-mee idea. :o

  2. "I nodded my brainless head." I'm laughing out loudly!

    Would she stay at a hotel?

    1. She can't afford that. She will wait till Char gets settled into her own place. I don't blame her. I wouldn't want to do that either.


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