Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Earthworms and Redwood Trees

Moderate temperatures and rain are bringing out our earthworms. Navy found one huge one, underneath our garbage can of saved-rainwater. Last night, he picked the worm up and placed him in the can.

So this am, he asks me if earthworms can live in water. They eat dirt. They are "earth" worms not water worms. So he felt bad and went back out to rescue it and placed it in our compost pile.

He has a real heart for living creations.

FAQ on Earthworms

 I read this morning about the Redwood Tree Poachers. They had to close down a portion of a Redwood forest, due to poaching.  These particular trees are ancient - how could they?  Nothing is worse than poachers.

Redwood Park closes


  1. Poaching redwoods is shocking.


  2. That is odd. I just commented on saving worms five minutes ago.

    1. serious? Freaky! I tell you, sometimes we are on the same wave-length

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. You have a snappy blog.... I like it.
    I share a great love for trees and that picture makes me sad.

    1. Gee thanks. Any lover of trees is a friend of mine. Animals too. Thanks for liking my snappy blog.

  4. I hope that poaching a majestic Redwood is a felony with a minimum of 25 years of imprisonment. The only way to deter such a senseless crime is to make the punishment severe.

  5. I makes me want to cry knowing that people are poaching those wonderful Redwoods!


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