Friday, March 28, 2014

drab day and heartburn

Good Morning, on this Friday afternoon. I've been under the weather. Nothing serious or contagious. My GERD is acting up. I made some pinto beans, fried potatoes and cornbread the other evening. I was craving some comfort food, my mom used to make. It was so good but it left me, with heartburn.

I have this hempvap pen, (like a e-cigarette)  with hemp-oil I use for my aches and pains. It works great for that, but it seems to make my GERD worse. Not the CBD but the component that makes the vapor. Polyethylene glycol. Or maybe my GERD needs to just go away before I can use it again. Nevertheless, the only thing that gave me relief besides my omeprazole, was my Cranberry Ginger Ale. I had a long line of burps, that needed to be relieved. I'm still sitting here working on burping - You just don't realize, how awesome it is to be able to burp.

It's been a drab kind of day - now we have some wind.

Char bought a car from a friend of ours - A 1996 Crown Victoria for $800.  She received her big check. I am her "payee" so we had to open up a special account at the bank yesterday. Took us all day. One credit union we went to, needed some special paperwork from Social Security. So we went over there and sat for nearly an hour - Went back to the credit union, and they said it wasn't the right form. I had a feeling it was the credit union, so we went to my bank where I have my business account and got the account right away.

So now she needs to get insurance and wait till her other car, that she signed over to her ex-husband, gets cleared. She cannot have 2 registered cars. Our friend signed it over to my husband. It would be just like, her ex, to play games with her. Anyway, she is in the clear. She signed and dated it and sent the pink slip up to him. She made a copy too.

Divorce - so much crap you have to do. I don't like having to re-live all of this with her.


  1. How does the car drive? Is Char a good driver?

    1. I've never driven with her so I don't know.

  2. I would love it if my niece could find a nice cheap car, that way she wouldn't have to borrow Jessica's car all the time but nice cheap and runs are not that easy to come across

    1. I know - my son wants to buy a car. He's been using our van (the beast)


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