Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dog park and new born baby

Warm, beautiful day here and everyone is out. I hear motorcycles, and classic car clubs out and about. Joggers, walkers - Young people are all out, people with their dogs, and those with their kids. It's like everyone is celebrating!  We took Daisey to the dog park this morning. Nice. Only a few dogs because our girl is an old gal now, and gets impatient with the young whippersnappers. Plus she likes to hog all balls! And that could cause some dog-fights.

Last night held a newborn - gosh they are warm little boogers. I've held so many in my time - so I passed him off to my husband who fell in love and held baby James for a good hour or longer. I've never seen my husband so sweet with a little baby. I love seeing a man, hold a newborn. It warms my heart.

I am feeling awfully warm - not used to having a warm house but I vow every year NOT to flip on the AC until it gets to be 90+ depending on how well I can keep the house cool. Char baked some fish sticks in the oven and didn't set a timer - and got the house all hot and smoky. For some reason, she cannot comprehend how to use a timer. We've showed her many times but she always just uses her memory. BUT her bad memory is one of her disabilities. So I got on her - like I would one of mine and she started to cry. Gads, I feel like such a heel. So I think I will just go out and buy her very own timer and hopefully she can remember how to use it. I did tell her, NO TIMER no more using the oven. She has a oven in the RV but to be honest with you, I am afraid to let her cook too much in there -


  1. Newborn babies are so special and so small and yeah I love watching a man hold his newborn child in his arms


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