Monday, March 31, 2014


Denver, Co

Last night I finalized my business trip to Denver. I hemmed and hawed all day -

I'm not going
Yes I'm going
No I'm not
Yes I'm going

I had a deadline at midnight to secure a event ticket for $99 instead of $149 - Lets just say money talks.

I managed to get a good price on airfare - $292 round trip
I am staying at the Sheraton - with 3 other women @ $25 a night.

I don't KNOW these women at all - other than we all are with the same company. We email and talk and are trying to get to know each other before the 18th. We are all:

between 50-60 years of age
We're all penny pinching

I'm really stepping out of my comfort zone - I've done these business seminars before - my first one, years ago in San Antonio Texas. It was last minute - I flew in and the plane was in a holding pattern for what seemed like hours - more like 45 minutes. I was late for the first event and I had my own room which suited me fine - but then you just seem like you are distant from everyone else. I remember I didn't bond with anyone and went to bed early that first night and cried because I was so homesick.

Then again, I have been to some conferences that have been a blast. I expect this one, to be like that!

4/18 I leave Friday for Denver
4/19 Sat is the all day conference
4/20 Sunday I leave 

I should be home just in time to bake a Easter Ham!

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