Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

I made myself yesterday, get out of the house. The husband, Char and I went to see Grudge-Match. I enjoyed it and I thought of my dad who used to box in the army and was a boxing fan. When I was a little girl, we would watch the "Fights" on a Sat night and I would tell my Dad I wanted to be a "Ring-Girl" when I grew up.

Then later in the afternoon, we dropped the Husband off at home, and Char and I went shopping. I hate to shop but the Internet was down yesterday due to a fiber-optic cable being cut by a construction crew and half of Northern California was off-line. 

I bought myself a do-it-yourself- frosting kit for my hair. I decided. I just have to blend my hair all together. It totally bugs me. And it's MY HAIR and I can do what I want. These hair stylists, seem to think once they cut your hair, they OWN your hair.  Renee had advised me not to do it. Of course she would gladly do it for $80+ I paid $14 for the kit. 

I plan to do this Sunday or maybe Sat night. 

Last evening I was so tired from, getting out. I did feel better and we went out and brought home some take and bake pizza for the family and pizza really hit the spot for me! 

This morning, I did wake up with a headache and congestion.  I am trying not to give in to it any longer. 2 days and that was it.

Anyone watching the Olympics?

We were going to go and spend Valentines evening at the care facility, where my FIL is at. They will put on a nice dinner like they did in December. But with my cold, it has been advised for me not to go. So the husband and Char will pick him up and go play pool at the VFW later this afternoon. I will stay home and fold laundry!

Happy Valentines Day!



  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Did you get a cap with the hair frosting thing? Char could help you out!

    1. Yes! It looks easy to do and she can help. She might do hers closer to the summer. It would look nice on her!

  2. Somehow I think if I was to try this I would have an epic fail and look like freak

    1. Jo Anne, it's so simple a 3rd grader could do it.


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