Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tired of being sick

When a sore throat and cold, knocks you on your butt, for a few days, you know you must be getting old. It has also been dreary and rainy (which we need) but I start to go under, when the sun fades away for awhile. I've lost all that energy of last month. I sure hope I can rebound. I think today I will force myself outside, for a walk. I'm starting to feel down.

My house is a mess. Seems when I get sick, nothing gets done around here. Navy did bring me a bowl of soup the other night. That was sweet of him. I ate up all my ice cream that the Husband bought me - I have a pile of laundry that needed to be folded the other day, still sitting here in the living room. Everybody passes it by - NO ONE stops to fold it. ("No one"  would be the Husband -  his clothes and mine. I don't do Char's, Navy's or Foodies) I'll just toss them in the dryer because now they are wrinkled.

Since I don't buy convenience foods, I have nothing to eat, that would requires just a heat up. I'd have to cook. I made 2 homemade soups last week - chicken noodle and beef-vegetable-barely soup. So I've been eating those. I'm sick of soup.

The Husband is off work till Sat. so that will be nice having his company.  Our 12th wedding anniversary is Sunday. I hope I feel better soon so we can at least have a nice afternoon. I'd like to go down to the bay area or Sacramento and go to a Museum.  I'm craving culture!

If I don't feel better, then we'll just have to do our anniversary, the weekend after.  No biggie.


  1. I wish that I lived close enough to do something for you. (I live all the way in New York State) I would cook something other than soup and would fold the laundry. As of now I just hope and pray that you feel good again.
    Congratulations on your anniversary..

    1. Awww thanks. It's the thought that counts!

  2. Has your husband folded before? You might not want his help...

    1. Yes he has folded before and you are right, he doesn't do it the way I like.


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