Saturday, February 08, 2014

It's raining!!!

Looks like the storm door has finally opened - but even if it should rain everyday till mid May, we will still be under.  At this point ANY rain we get is a blessing.

I've been busy - my back went out after I rode the bike. A few years back my orthopedic doctor told me NOT to ride a bike because it aggravates my blown discs. I've been feeling so good lately, and that day, the weather was summer-like, I threw caution to the wind. I was fine for awhile, until I rode up hill, and I had to really struggle and then something popped. OUCH!

For a few days, every-time I walked, I cracked. I'm one that does not rush to the Doctor. I'll treat myself first. Ice, heat and I took Daisey Mae's Tramadol for 2 nights to get a good sleep, and I am fine now. I do still "feel it" but I am not cracking anymore.

As I am now under 1 month till my big 6-0, things are breaking down....I flossed my teeth and a part of my tooth broke off.  It's my bottom front tooth and it doesn't hurt but feels rough against my tongue so I will call the dentist on Monday.  I hate going to the dentist.

I had my hair cut Thursday. Renee came to my house and did my hair and trimmed Charleen's hair. She did a great job on me and I love how she cut my bangs. My hair is getting curlier and curlier and I am LOVING my new hair color - gray. I just can't wait till it all blends to one color. I didn't get it cut too short - still considered long but shorter for me. (Does that make sense?)


  1. No. It doesn't make sense. We need a picture.

  2. I like rain, I wish it would rain here, and yeah it does make sense to me but a photo would be nice


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