Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy birthday my dear, friend

Today would have been my best friend Suzie's 54th birthday. I can't help but think about her. 4 years later and I still have not found my new BFF.  I know it's me but aren't we allowed to pick our own friends? Not anyone will do for me, especially after such a dynamic personality as Suzie.  She was a extrovert who respected and actually understood me more than anyone. She always gave me my space - honestly though, she was the only one who never pestered me.

You do know, being alone, does not mean you are lonely. A lot of extroverts don't get that. So they try and push themselves on all the lonely people, when really, most of them are just introverts that want to be alone. I seem to have much on my mind - things I need to figure out on my own.  I need to think.  If I need help, I will ask. If I need prayer, I will ask. If I need company, I will ask.

Suzie always knew.

Best friends, just don't grow on trees. Especially ones that fit like a glove. I loved how she did all the talking and I could just listen. And when I did talk and share, she was a good listener for me. I sure miss her. I miss her awesome sense of humor. I miss her compassion. I miss her family, which is all over the place now. I miss how things used to be.

Happy Birthday my dear, sweet friend. 

PS. Suzie's birthday is exactly one week ahead of mine. This cold or mild flu I have been battling, has messed with my mind - and now I have 7 days to get my emotional act together for my long awaited, and talked about 60th birthday. 


  1. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Happy Birthday, BFF. She's pretty.

    1. She was a beautiful person inside and out. She had her struggles. Her life long battle with obesity is what eventually killed her.

    2. Anonymous6:48 PM

      Wow. I wouldn't have guessed that.

    3. She had that gastric bypass surgery and she was one of the small minority where it failed. It worked at first but then she started getting sick - infections - skin rashes, she ended up with a auto-immune disease that is like arthritis. And she got hooked on prescription pain killers. Tragic to see her go down hill like that, of course never thinking she would just die on us. She had a heart attack.

  2. I'm sorry she's gone. Nobody would miss me.


    1. Sure they would. Of course you won't be around to know. I feel that way too at times.

  3. I haven't found my BFF either, for many, many years. People where I live here are mostly the type that if you do not have a deep pocketbook or come from a family of the elite, you are screwed.
    I am a loner anyway, a hermit, a homebody. Like you, if and when I need something, I will ask. I do not like people pushing that I am in need of company. Most think because I can my own food, do handwork, and live by old ways, I am nuts. I find the world, personally nuts.
    Someone I am sure will come along. I feel like Janie also, no one would miss me anyway, but possibly maybe?
    Hugs to you, your friend was beautiful and still is. I am sure her soul still is there when you need her.

    1. I have my animals first and foremost. Loyal to the end. My family loves me too,


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