Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy anniversary to me!

12 years ago today, I was a bride -  

I dragged my feet for a couple of years with the Husband - not wanting to make a commitment but then I didn't want to lose him. I put him through hell and back, waiting for me, 3 years!

We had a romantic long distance courtship. He was in Seattle and I was in California. It worked. That is why it took 3 years. Every other weekend we would take turns flying up or down. He would come out and spend his vacation with us and I would go up there. A lot of fun and very romantic. He wanted me to pull up my roots, and move my sons and I up there and I held my guns. NO WAY. My sons were in sports and had a life here and the divorce had already played havoc in their lives, I wasn't about to uproot them.

We were married in Seaside California - spent a few days in Carmel and Monterrey.  He immediately landed a job! and then worked his way up from there. A good man who I love a lot and I know he loves me. He tends to be grouchy as he gets older and I can make him laugh. Really, we get along great and have a lot of fun together. We balance each other out. He is social and a extrovert and I am the exact opposite. He knows this and freely gives me my space, and doesn't make me feel guilty about it at all. I know he needs to get with people, so off he goes to all his social activities, serving other Veterans.

He has taught me so much about things I never had a clue for. And I have taught him how to not be so straight-laced. He does tend to get up tight and he is a type A where I am off the charts! We don't agree all the time on politics - he is much more conservative than I am - yet he always listens to me, and I listen to him. I know I won't change him and he knows he won't change me. It works for us.

12 years into my first marriage I already knew - I had made a mistake. Heck I knew after 2 years! It got worse from there! 

I really hope we can live into our old age - together, hand in hand. I want to go before him because I just don't want to have to live through another loss. If he would go before me, I would not remarry.  I would just be happy and content, having had the best.

Now if he would only quit losing things, fold the laundry and learn to cook a little, it would be heaven!

Happy Anniversary to me....


  1. Ha! In a sense, I met my husband online too, but not even THAT way. We worked for the same company; he in Chicago, me in southern California. I was married...on my 2nd marriage to the same man. Current Mr. G and I were merely platonic, football-loving friends for over EIGHT years. My 2nd marriage fell apart. I switched jobs..several time. Yet, we stayed in touch...and as I was coming out from my divorce, well, things just progressed. He came out to visit, and the rest is history. Within 8 months he moved out here, and 6 months later we were married. That was 10.5 years ago, and God how I adore him~!!! Great love story, you two, and congratulations!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary and best wishes to the both of you. May God bless you both.
    Relationships are precious. I am glad that you agreed even after three years.


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