Monday, February 24, 2014

Countdown to 60 - 6 more days

60 years ago, it might have gone like this:  It was 1954 - in my Mom's hometown, in Ohio. I guess it would have been cold and possibly snowy. Dad was in the military - stationed at Fort Eustis Va but Mommy wanted to have her baby in her hometown, near her mother and not in a Army hospital.  Daddy had just come back back from Korea.

what a cute man, my daddy was

Grandma was there - Grandma and Daddy did not like each other. In fact, Grandma resented my Daddy for taking her daughter away. One time, they were sitting at the table - Grandma sat across from my dad and tried to kick him in the you-know-where. For no reason.

Grandma was a single woman, who raised her daughter alone. and when my Dad did not want Grandma living with them, Mable (my grandma) had seething hatred for my dad. She just assumed, Mommy and her would always be a package deal. Little did Mable know, that even her own daughter wanted to get away from her.  I remember my dad telling me he thought she would try and poison him. He was afraid of her. Of course Daddy was only 21 years old. Mommy was 19.

Mommy is shown here on a VA beach, about 3-4 months pregnant with me

I had 6 more days of quiet - peace and serenity like I would never see again. Soon I would be rushed out into this cruel world - one of millions!  One thing I do know, my mommy and daddy wanted me and loved me. OKAY so, Daddy wanted a boy. What young father doesn't, his first time. Mommy wanted a little girl. Mable just wanted this baby to be born so Mommy would go back to Va with Daddy. She so wanted to strangle that young man and it was all she could do, to keep the peace.


  1. funny post! Glad dad (and mom) won out.

  2. She's pregnant in that photo?? Oy.

    1. Yep that's the story. 3-4 months.

  3. Daddy was a cutie pie, and Mom was pretty. I'm glad Grandma didn't poison Daddy. That sort of thing can cause trouble.


  4. Your daddy was very cute. I love that smile! Your mom certainly looked good for being pregnant. What a fantastic post!!

    1. Yeah I loved my dad. He was a sweetie. Thanks!


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