Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ceiling fans and painting

Oh beautiful beautiful wet rain! We had a good storm blow through here last night and it was awesome. Heavy rain pounded the ground. I love going to bed, when it is raining hard. Cozy. No wind though - I can do without the wind. 

Once the Husband comes home - our weekend begins. Finally, we are going to prep the living room ceiling for painting. We are doing all of this in stages. We have vaulted ceilings so it will be a big job. We have both tried to ignore it.  Instead of buying new light fixtures and fans, I plan to re-fresh them by changing how they look. Paint the fan blades, the out-dated shiny-gold will be spray painted either a bronze or the same color of the ceiling because I hate ceiling fans and don't want to call that much attention to it. However, we really use our fans in the summer. Too hot here and with those high ceilings, they are needed to push around the cool air.  I wanted a new light fixture but they cost a lot. So I will figure something out.

ugly ugly ugly

Those lights with those bulbs drive me crazy. They look ugly and they glare and at times that glare triggers a migraine. I would much rather, paint the whole fan the same color as the ceiling and then come up with a drum shade under it.
something like this?

 There are two fans. One in the LR and one in the dining area over our table. I love chandeliers over a table. But we need the fan more. So I will match both fans except the one over the table I will glam it up a bit, by gluing some pretty shiny things...something to make the drum shade stand out.

After we get that done - then we'll prep the walls - Probably next month, and the finally paint. 

Here's a fan-redo where they made a chandelier - but those hangy down parts would be little dust collectors - over my bed (if I did this to the bedroom one) and over our food at the table. Plus they would shimmy and chime every time the fan was on.

That's the plan -


  1. O that is so pretty-and the bedroom too! I can imagine a lovely cup of coffee sitting up in bed propped up by cushions and a good book in hand!
    Found you via A-Z and some random hopping. Good luck with it!

  2. My ceiling fans look like yours.


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