Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Being forgiven is a good thing

I am feeling so good right now. A huge burden, has been released and FINALLY I feel FREE.  Sometimes, some of us, get into a type of bondage of our own making. It can last years. We can even conjure up, that it was more important than it really was - I don't feel embarrassed at all, that I had to force this release. I did it for me.

I had never been forgiven for something I had done to a person years ago.  It would gnaw at me when I would think of it.  I felt I had done this person wrong. I thought I had really hurt this person. I hated the idea that I might have hurt someone - I don't like to hurt people. This however, did not mean I want a relationship with this person. I wanted to be forgiven, so I could forgive myself.

It finally donned on me, that I had to do something, BOLD for my own emotional well-being. I am worth it.  I had to basically let go of my pride - and ask to be forgiven because it was still messing with my head. Up to this point, I had never been forgiven.

I got butterflies in my stomach, when I saw the email. It was exactly what I needed to see in print. 

I was surprised I wasn't even hurt by the harsh-tone. I finally received my walking papers - The person forgave me (of course they just had to say, it was all perceived in my own mind. So be it. I got what I wanted)  and that this person never wants to hear from me again.  Thank God!  We used to say in  Alanon, that we can surely forgive someone - but that doesn't mean we have to have a relationship with them.

Little does this person know - they gave me a gift - the gift of forgiveness so that I can now forgive myself.


  1. The word "forgiveness" is a wonderful word. Forgiving others mistakes and talking to them if make them realize their mistake and to make friendship with us. It is most powerful word.

    1. It is freeing - however, I wasn't after friendship. I just needed to be forgiven. It had bothered me for many years.

  2. Through Facebook, I have come in contact with a friend from high school. We spoke on the telephone a couple of times. I apologized for something I had done. She said she never felt I had done anything wrong. She was very kind. We aren't going to travel great distances to see each other, but we have a nice friendship and talking to her helped me feel better about something that happened so very long ago.



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