Thursday, February 20, 2014

70+ degrees of sunshine

California Valley Oak

 I sat in the sun yesterday and it felt so good on my bones.  I am sure,  some of you who live back east, who have been inundated with snow and frigid temps, are looking forward to your first warm day.  They'd have me in some mental institution, if I lived in those cold regions. Sometimes, I can't even handle the dreary winter/spring rains we have.The only difference is, I know we here are so dependent on water, that I try and be thankful for it.

So one section of the back fence will be fixed today - and I plan on putzing around the yard. We are at voluntary 15% water rationing. I doubt if we will be planting a big vegetable garden. Maybe a couple of tomato plants in containers - I figure if we let the lawn go, we can at least water the veggies and keep the fish pond clean.

 I might go through my craft supplies - and see what I can come up with. I am not at full-speed. I still feel so weak.

The small valley oak tree that blew down the other day, is back up now, braced. It did not uproot the tree. This tree, was a freebie. Our housing sub-division used to be ranch land and this oak, sprouted up and on it's own from an acorn buried deep. So a little wind is not going to stop this hardy tree. We'll be long gone from this earth, before we ever see it's full glory.

photo credit: philipbouchard via photopin cc


  1. What a beautiful tree! We have had a warm-up around here (50's) this week and it's been bliss. I love that the days are getting longer and the time change will be here soon.

  2. Hi Coffee Lady just hopped over to your bog .....

    After all the rain and flooding many parts of the UK have experienced recently, today we had some sunny spells between the showers and the temperature (where I was) got to 10C, not too bad maybe Spring will be here soon.

    The weather around the globe sure has done some strange things in recent weeks.

    Stay Chilled and Take Care

    All the best Jan


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