Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3 more weeks till the big 6-0

I was at the grocery store, standing in line when I look over and see People Magazine, with 60 year old Christy Brinkley in a swimsuit. That is all I am going to say about that!

 I was a "babe." (9mos)

I come home, feeling defeated. I used to be a "babe".  Yes, it is true. Coffee Lady was once HOT. Okay okay, so we all can claim that just because we were young once, but it's my blog and I'm talking about me!  It's funny because when I was HOT, I didn't think I was. Talk about low self esteem. I always thought I was fat - Now how can 98 lbs on my wedding day be fat? I was 105 one-year after I had my first son.  I wasted a lot of years, thinking I was something, that I wasn't.

Now, I am approaching a huge milestone for me. I have no one I can relate to in my family because they are all dead.  If I look at my grandmas at age 60, I really feel defeated. My mom was okay at 60, but she was my Mom. I do have a 94 year old Aunt, who turns 95 this April. She looks better now than she did when she was 60!  Go figure.

Of course the Husband thinks I look "good to him". Hmmmm, is that supposed to be a compliment? A woman wants to look good to everybody, although most won't admit it - and I sure won't.

The State of My Hair

I've never noticed the back of my head before.

At age (almost) 60, my hair is healthy and thick. I have many colors to my hair now, which I don't like, but everyone else seems to think it is blending in nicely. I am so tempted to just go out and get my hair weaved or a blond rinse.  It's coming in gray - underneath it is a golden brown. In the front, by my face, it is white. Would that make me a Tortoiseshell?

It was windy out by the Dam yesterday and I of course it doesn't look as good as when Renee styled it -  She cut it in a way to enhance my natural wavy hair. (That I used to put through a hot iron in the 60's to make it straight)

So here's the front - you can't really tell but I liked the way she did my bangs. I'll be getting better pictures (Lord willing) soon.

Not Christy Brinkley and I'm still only 59.

and oh by the way, here's Shasta Dam after 4 days of rain.

In the distant is snow covered Mt Shasta, playing peak-a-boo with the clouds.


  1. Very cute picture! You do have a lot of hair. I'm sorry, but something is not right about C. Brinkley. She looks like a wax version of herself. I liked how Helen Mirren looked in her famous bikini photo.

    1. Oh I do too. She's a beautiful woman. You know you can drive yourself crazy, in your older years, trying to make out like you are young, or you can embrace the mature years and just be beautiful. I figure, I'm almost at 60 - I can do just about anything I want. I can wear anything I want whether it is in style or not. I wear what I like PERIOD. I've earned it.

      well, except for bikinis. No way!

  2. Your hair is beautiful. You are beautiful.


    1. Aww thank you for that! We're all beautiful.


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