Wednesday, February 26, 2014

1954 was a very good year

In 1954, Mom was probably wearing these types of maternity tops. She was little and petite and didn't show much but for her, she was big. Back then, no one wanted to show off their  "baby-bump" like they do now.

This book was sitting on the coffee table. 

Sometime in 1954, Jonas Salk, developed the oral polio vaccine. Good thing for me! My mommy had polio when she was a little girl and she was quite freaked out about it. Mom later developed post-polio-syndrome in her latter years. 

Interesting Facts - 1954

* New York Giants beat Cleveland in the World Series that year. 
 I eventually because a San Francisco Giant "Faithful" several years later.

* Two songs were popular in 1954 - Mister Sandman and 3 coins in the Fountain.
 I sometimes, hum or sing these songs, just out of the blue. Strange. They just pop into my head.

* Davy Crockett becomes a huge fad -
As a toddler, my folks said I would stand in front of the TV set and scream sing,
 "Gaygee Gaygee Cockett"

* 29 million Americans had TV sets
Yep, we were among that.

 OMG, I was such a fifties kid.


  1. Since I was born in '59, I think I'm more of sixties kid. Isn't it interesting that women hid their pregnancies and not pregnant girls walk around with their bellies hanging out of their clothes? It's kind of like the guys wearing pants they they aren't quite wearing.


    1. My sister was born in 59. Actually I am like in the middle. Started K in 1959 so all my school years were the 60's. - graduated HS in 1972.

      Yep times have changed. No modesty these days.

    2. I'm sorry. I meant NOW pregnant girls. I'm shocked at the shortness of some skirts I see, too. I wear short skirts sometimes, but only with leggings.

  2. I swear my grandmother had a room full of sewing patterns just like that top!!
    And btw, go Giants!!
    My brother was born in the early 50's like Janie I was born in 59 but with an older brother rubbing off on me the music and most of the culture stuck like glue.
    Not a big fan of 50's music give me 60's and 70's all the way!!
    Love the header if I haven't mentioned it...

    1. Oh the header I just made up today. Part of my birthday remake.

  3. I don't ever remember you mentioning polio before...


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