Monday, January 06, 2014

Updates -

Char and her Dad (The Husband) before she married - happier days

Last night Char and I were talking about how Roy didn't have the money to pay for their phones, so now they won't be able to talk for awhile. Charleen seems okay with it - lately she seems to be really "seeing" Roy for the first time. I was shocked when she told me, she is going to give him a year and if in that year, he still is without a job, not trying and basically a bum, she is going to cut him loose. In regards to the phones, she has applied for a free phone and has to wait. Meanwhile, she is going to proceed with her life, as if they are not getting back to together for quite some time. She has some goals. She wants to get a place of her own - through HUD - if she gets approved for SSI. She did see one of their Psychiatrists last week. The appointment was long and they did a lot of tests on her. One of them, they gave her some words to remember, when she first got there and toward the end, she was to "remember" those words - which she totally forgot. She explained to them about her being in special ed classes all her life. I would be surprised if they denied her but others have told us, they probably will. She has a appointment next week with a Internist. I hope we can find out more on her overall health.

I have her playing solitaire and word games. We go to the library and get books - she reads at about a middle school level. Doesn't matter, she has to start somewhere. I was thinking about having her read out loud to me at times. That way I can help her pronounce words and help with vocabulary. I was thinking about getting her some simple Math workbooks as well. She really does want to learn, bless her heart!

She also is eating better. With her high blood pressure, I've got her staying away from salt - or at least cutting back and Sat, her dad and her took their blood pressure and hers was much improved. She hates vegetables but she is eating them. Not a lot, but it's a start.

She is starting to care about how she looks too. Yesterday we went to church and she came out wearing make-up and a top I had not ever seen. It was good, to see her like that. Now I have to try and find her some jeans made for women. She wears baggy men's jeans - and she sags. From the behind, she looks like "mini-roy".  In fact, when they are together, she seems to take on his persona. They walk like each other, they stoop like each other. They wear the same clothing. It's crazy.


  1. I failed the memory test as well. "Pink, penguin, fence." I'll never forget it now. I like her glasses.

    1. I would probably fail the memory test now too. I used to sharp - good memory. I hardly ever had to make lists and I remembered phone numbers. People could tell me and after I said it to myself a couple of times, I would memorize it. I hate having a bad memory. One of the negatives of getting older.


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