Monday, January 13, 2014

Spring, old haunts, and a make-over

60 year-olds don't look like they used to!

Just got back from my morning walk - oh the weather is spring-like here. Might get into the 80's by Wednesday. I want to garden, but you just know it - once I do then our "winter" will come and kill all my new plants. Maybe some potted plants, but then again, it's going to give me a false sense of spring. Although, when I think of February I think of Spring more than I do March. I know I know....whatever!

Speaking of March - It's a big month and year for me. I plan to celebrate all year. My 60 years on this earth and I am still kicking it!  So within the next few months I plan to:

  1. schedule a doctors appointment for a complete physical - 
  2. go to the dentist (I hate going to the dentist)
  3. buy a couple of new outfits
  4. get my hair cut and styled 
  5. get my eyes checked and new eyeglasses
  6. get a good picture of me  
  7. Drink wine and have fun! 
I'll also be driving down to the bay area to go and meet up with some old friends - have lunch, coffee whatever. Visit some old haunts - take pictures. They're getting UP there too. Just amazing to me how fast we get old.


  1. I'm trying to remember 60. (just kidding. LOL) It's NOTHING. Just a number. NOT a state of mind. ;) (well, and but you get more discounts at more places. LOL!)

  2. Hi Gwen. Nice to see you. I'm excited to be 60.


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