Sunday, January 05, 2014

Hawaii Life

I love to wind down by watching Hawaii Life on HGTV in the evening. It is on my list, of places to retire to. The Husband lived there for a few years when in the Coast Guard before I was in the picture. He says he KNOWS I would like it there but that it is too expensive. However, the other night, they were showing this family from Oregon, who were relocating because they want a simpler lifestyle. All they needed with their 4 boys was a 4 bedroom home. Well gee, I could get by with a lot smaller home. They were looking in the 225,000 price range. This was on the big Island and with some property or extra big lots to grow their own food. HOWEVER, when I looked, I could hardly find anything less than 500,000. There has to be a diamond in the rough, somewhere on those islands with my name on it.

One reason I am considering Hawaii is
  1. NO SNAKES. I am sure they might have some but they are not indigenous to the island.
  2. Warm tropical - no extreme heat. Even the rain is warm
  3. laid back lifestyle
  4. near military bases 
 The Cons would be:
  1. Would we suddenly be popular magnet with our so-called-friends and family and get all these "visits?"
  2. Would my children be able to afford, trips over to see us?
  3. The cost of living would be higher
  4. Would I have to eat Spam again? 



  1. Spam! Haha. We have one credit card that we put everything on for airline miles. We haven't been on a plane since 2007, since the Husband wants to go to Hawaii.

    1. Last time I traveled by plane was 2009 when I took 3 weeks by myself to visit family, all spread out across the US. I had a blast.

  2. Our son lives n Hawaii. It is very expensive to buy a place or even rent one. The cost of living is almost like here if you can live on natural food products. Fruits and vegetables are less expensive than can goods and manufactured items. So spam is probably more expensive than Stir Fry that you can make yourself.
    Wish you all the best.

    1. The Big Island seems to be the cheapest for real estate but you are right. It's a bummer too because other than all of that, it would almost be like paradise.

  3. I am going to Hawaii in September and I am so looking forward to the holiday


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