Friday, January 03, 2014

Happy Birthday

No no NOT me. Today is Charleen's 33rd birthday. 

We are not big birthday people here. We acknowledge them with a happy birthday - a special meal and maybe a cake. Last year we were so strapped, we took birthdays off. Everyone just got a Happy Birthday and you know what?  We are lived through it. No biggie. It's not like we are all little kids. Come on now...

So Charleen for days has been hinting - that it is her birthday. Finally I had to tell her that, we don't do birthdays BIG here. I think she is disappointed but she'll live. It was just 6 weeks ago it was Foodie's birthday. I wished him a Happy Birthday and called it a day.

I think this year I will do a little more than last year because it does look like a better year for us. Now the Husband is going to surprise Charleen by using a Stone Cold Creamery gift card, he won by taking her out for ice cream. Then she had asked if he would take her to the VFW to play some pool. Then she wants to buy her own birthday cake - at Safeway that she says is her favorite. Sounds like a good birthday to me!

I usually detest my birthdays. It's not the age that bugs me - I don't like special days. I also am uncomfortable with being the center of attention. Just a hang up of mine. HOWEVER this year I am celebrating my 60th birthday all year. THIS IS MY YEAR.  I don't require others to make my year. I can do this all by my lonesome and be perfectly content. I do plan to go down to the bay area to go out with all my old girlfriends. I'm comfortable with them. The 50's were horrible for me. I was in BIG TIME GRIEF-MODE from my son, to my dad to my mom's suicide to my best friend dying unexpectedly. It was like one death after another. Nope, this year belongs to me.


  1. Good for you. I'm glad it's your year. I'll keep my dirty little paws off of it.


  2. We are low key about birthdays, too. It's good to have a fresh outlook.

    Happy Birthday, Charleen!

  3. You're wise to keep birthday wishes simple. It's so easy to get caught up in the merchandising of any holiday that you lose the true meaning of the occasion. Personally, only God and my mother really know my age and they're not telling and neither am I! P.S. Happy Birthday, Charleen. Hope you have fun at the VFW.

  4. An awesome Birthday wish you my dear, you so deserve it.
    I don't do Birthdays either. I am not a party-er, and it seems everyone wants to go out to party.
    Anyway, have fun, and enjoy the Bay. I have only seen it from far away when we were trucking and was mesmerized by the Golden Gate.

  5. This! We arent big birthday people either. Our kids get to pick their dinner and cake, they get one small present from us and that's it. No parties or celebrating all week. Hope you have a great birthday this year.


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