Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Clear, sunny and warm!

71 feet below normal

You know how the TV news is. They actually thrive when there is something major going on. They basically beat a dead horse over and over again. It's their job to make something sound horrible - more horrible than it might really be and why? To sell newspapers and to get more people viewing. If everything was fine and dandy, no one would be watching.

The weather department of the local news is like that as well.

Winter here is their time to play like REAL weathermen - like back East where there are blizzards and polar events and stuff like that.  Usually our winters are rainy and snow in the mountains.  Occasionally we'll have snow, like we did in December and that is major news. When they report on flooding and water levels rising, that is exciting for them.  ENTER the DROUGHT.  They keep apologizing that there is no rain. and their report starts out negative. I wish they would just leave the negativity out of it - OKAY we're dry - we need water. But the weather is beautiful. ENJOY IT and just be careful. That's all.

So in an attempt to try and give the viewers some "weather" last night - they were showing a weather map on sustained winds around our area.  9 mph, 8 mph and so on.  I've never seen that!!!  They are desperate. And they are making it out as if they are like the Santa Ana's or the Diablo winds. Plus, there are just so many ways they can show us how to conserve water so they are stretching it out. One night it was, "How to save water outside"  The next night, "How to save water inside"  I have no idea what they will report tonight!!!

Come on, weather people - we'll get through this. Meanwhile, lets enjoy it. So we have to conserve. No biggie. Stop with the constant negativity.


  1. We've had a mild winter with lots of sunshine and all they talk about is the poor skiing conditions. What about the fact we can BBQ in January.

  2. Call the media. I did not blog about snow today.

  3. I got up the other morning and it was 0 degrees! You're right we just have to live with what we have, at least there are no mosquitos, bright side!


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