Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the last update for 2013

I want a clear slate - I was reading my old posts from the last few weeks and saw I needed to make some updates. 

  • The Old Man

Believe it or not, he is settled. He is at a assisted living care facility that he actually likes. It costs him everything except for $35 a month. It provides everything for him. He invited us to dinner with him, just before Christmas and the place is nice - clean - does not smell. The staff are nice. And the food was good. He was just moved to a new room in a wing for permanent patients and he complains about the old guy with him. Saying the old man wants the door and window closed all the time. Pops is by the window and all he has to do, is just pull his curtain around to block the sunlight.  I could tell he is gearing up for a confrontation. He also went to some group and started boasting at how much he knows - they know nothing and he was going to show them a thing or two. The Husband told him - he has to get along because there is no where else for him to go right now. I could tell, the old goat was fuming at his son.

He also came to our house for Christmas dinner. He was cranky and started telling me how his first wife (The husband's Mom) NEVER understood him.

His skin cancer looks awful. He saw the VA doctor last week and they took pictures of it so we haven't heard anything yet. He has a lot of appointments coming up.

  • The Son-in-law

He was hired for a full time job!   Yippie. Don't get too excited. After the first day, he started complaining to Charleen. The second day he was ready to quit. The third day - he quit. The job paid well. I couldn't believe it and Charleen is now seeing him.

So he had the audacity to weazle a train trip out of the Pastor - to come down here to spend Christmas with Charleen. We needed to coordinate the times because the train stops here at like 2-3 am in the morning from Seattle. Charleen had asked me not to tell her father about Roy quitting his job. So when he was talking to Roy, he asked him, "how was he getting the time off, with this new job?"  Charleen and I was squirming.  One thing - you can't FOOL a father. My husband KNEW - no employer would give a new employee a week or two off.  So instead of Roy just admitting to his father-in-law that he quit the job, he choose to LIE. He told my husband, the employer was nice to give him the time off. ENOUGH with the lies!!! The husband just came out and told him, he didn't believe him and Roy kept sticking to his story. He finally hung up on his father-in-law.

Needless to say, he never did come down. In fact he did not call Charleen for 5 days. He wouldn't answer her texts or her messages. She was stressed out and afraid. That was when the Pastor called down to talk to us. They have patched things up but he still has not apologized to us for the lies.

The things Charleen has told me - I wish I could tell you all. I am sure it will trickle out eventually. The man is so controlling. She doesn't even know how to shop. He controls it all. Even sex!  He doesn't want a vasectomy - and doesn't want to use a condom - and doesn't want her to spend money on birth control so he does the old withdrawal - pull out method. Let me just say this. I got pregnant as a teenager using that method! How foolish. And yeah I realize Planned Parenthood endorses it as a method but it's risky not to mention -MESSY!

He just treats her like a little girl and he is her daddy. ( A mean daddy) He bosses her around and she has allowed it BUT she is getting smarter and I have her reading some books on marriage and boundaries.  Lord willing, she won't be the same Charleen when she moves back up there - when? We do not know yet. She is going to Doctor appointments for SSI evaluations still.

  • Daisey Mae -

We have to go ahead and get her in for surgery. I don't have time to raise money. Her wound bleeds all the time and now she is sporting a "Elizabethan collar".

  • Property Tax

We paid it all. We just took it out of our monthly pay check and lived on the rest and was still able to pay all of our bills. I skimped on food but was fortunate to have a good stock pile in the freezer and pantry.


  1. Planned Parenthood endorses that method? When we did sex ed in high school, we were taught that was a bad method.
    I hope Charleen smartens up enough to realize she can do better.
    I am glad your FIL found a place to live.

    1. http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-topics/birth-control/withdrawal-pull-out-method-4218.htm

      I know, I was surprised that planned parenthood recommends it as a method.

      I hate to see anyone divorce and I am not advocating it - at least I don't think I am but he is not good for her or her self esteem. If she should decide to take it that far, however we would totally support her and she knows it. Right now she is trying and hoping he will change.


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