Tuesday, December 10, 2013


looking out my front-room window

We had a unexpected surprise on Friday - SNOW!  We got 6 inches of the white powder. It got down to the low 20's and everyone kept saying, that we are going to get it this year and low and behold, we did. OMG it was awesome. We've had a dusting before - we get maybe one a year where it just comes down and lasts until morning. About a half-inch. Friday, it just kept coming down...It sure is pretty when its not in the form of a blizzard! 

I-5 was closed so this log truck had to spend the night across the street from our house

Daisey Mae's official snow picture

I love this - in our local newspaper

We still have patches of snow lingering....it sure was fun.


  1. Did Daisey Mae run around like a wild dog? Nice pictures.

  2. Oh I love pictures of snow,


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