Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last day of the year

I've been feeling so good these past days, even with all the family drama going on. And that would be because of the weather and how the sunshine really alters my moods and personality. AND a first for me - I feel hopeful for the new year - yet I can't put my finger on what I am supposedly hopeful for. - JUST HOPEFUL.

Looking back I think while it may of took us nearly a year to get used to our "once a month" paychecks - we are managing and it's not so bad. Yeah it's a bummer when you get a raise in pay for Jan 1, but it is being confiscated in the way of useless taxes.  And of course gas has gone up, .15 in a week or so. What is up with that?

Okay no more - I said I was HOPEFUL.

So this year I HOPE to finally get my house painted. That was on the list last year but things got harry for us. I think we are in a better position to do that this year. Of course we will do it ourselves. Unless its like a roof, or installing a HVAC - we do everything ourselves.

Tonight is nothing special. And that works for me. I treat it like any other night. I'll probably go to bed before midnight. BIG DEAL.

I am also looking forward in turning 60 in March. I feel so young and I can't believe I am THAT old. Sure I have my aches and pains, so far so good this winter but I know when it does get cold and wet and damp I will be hurting again. Meanwhile I am enjoying the last 2 full months of being in my 50's. I'll tell you, MUCH BETTER than when I turned 50. I was in big time GRIEF-MODE from losing Michael and I just didn't want to live. Now I am glad to be alive and while life isn't perfect, it's still way better than the alternative.

Happy New Year


  1. Sometimes it is good to treat New Years as every other day. At least we are safe and healthy Aches and pains are part of getting older ( not old).
    Happy New Year.

  2. I had a great 2013 and hope yours was just as great, I hope 2014 is another great year for you and yours


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