Monday, December 30, 2013

I've missed you all -

The last couple of months have been hectic, stressful and Nov is like a complete blur to me - if I didn't have this blog to go back over and read, I could of easily forgotten it all.

I'm doing well though. I'm starting to get used to the new way my life has turned. Charleen is a sweet young lady that has many learning disabilities and I just want to help her, while she is with us. Now when I say "help her" I mean, helping her to help herself to be more independent. She goes in tomorrow to see one of the SSI physicians. We are very aware that, she just might get denied and we'll have to appeal. We'll get to that, when the time comes. Meanwhile she has grown and I am seeing a difference. I have her reading and playing cards - solitaire to sharpen her mind. Crossword puzzles are hard for her, due to her spelling. I also have her going to Curves with me. I arranged a free month for her. However, I don't know if she will continue after that. Don't think I can afford to pay it for her. We'll see. She doesn't "get into it" like I do. Maybe its because she is younger, but she doesn't work it hard enough. She barely does it and never feels the after effect of sore muscles. NOT FAIR!!!

Now her marriage - they are separated and will be working with a marriage counseling team through their church up in Wa. Yes he is up there and she is down here. They will get a mentoring couple and it will be about a year of intense counseling. They need something, let me tell you!  He is such a creep - controlling and uses mind games on her because he knows he can. The pastor called us and the husband and I, along with the Pastor had a conference call. Yes I don't want to see their marriage break up HOWEVER, I want them to address his control over her and his ANGER. Seems the church just wants to patch up the marriage without getting to the root of things. I just HOPE they can see Roy for who he is.

I have drawn my boundaries with her and she is no longer bugging me or breathing down my neck during the day. I've given her things to do and projects and with this counseling, there comes a lot of reading and homework. You know what will happen?  I will miss her terribly when she does go. (never thought that would happen!)

The weather here has been phenomenal. Mid 70's during the day- COLD at night. We still have tomatoes!!!  But this unseasonably mild winter weather has me concerned. We need rain. It is awfully dry in our forests right now and I fear, what our hot summers might bring us next year. The big fire that happened back in Sept/Oct near me - it was a unemployed firefighter who started it. Sick!

I hope this finds you all well. How were your holidays?


  1. Thanks for the update. I'm not surprised you became friends. Wordfinds are fun for some, and you can create them on the computer.

  2. My holidays were quiet and pleasant. A nice break from all of the chaos.

  3. First up my Christmas was bloody great, had a great day with the family next up helping Charleen to help herself is a wonderful thing to do


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