Sunday, November 17, 2013

Who wants Grand-Dad?

It's sad really - but he did cause all of this on himself. Still it bothers me to see an old man have to go through this. The husband is pretty adamant on not allowing him to live with us due to his behavior mainly. That is the one of the main issues. No one in the family want him because of his behavior.  However we are afraid if we tell them, he has been violent or we try and steer him to a mental facility, we may be doing the wrong thing.

Tomorrow the husband was going to pick him up from the shelter early, to take him to see someone HOWEVER it was suggested to us, to be careful about that - to think twice about that. The shelter may refuse to take him back. Which then would mean, we would be stuck responsible. It's now a game of chess - trying to make the smart move and out-thinking our opponents.

This is so crazy.

Husband called the police to do a well-check at the shelter because his dad sounds weak. They actually refused to go - saying they would only phone there. You can bet on it, if someone else called on us, they would have the Sheriff, the police, fire department, media cameras along with good old Nancy Grace. Heck if we aren't careful, that still could happen!

I am getting mad - we've called city, county, state and the VA and no one seems to know what to do. I know there is something out there. There is so much bureaucracy they almost can't even wipe their own butts without getting someone else to sign off on it. This is friggen crazy.

Tomorrow I plan to call out our "public servants" starting with our city, county, and state congress and on up. I know Dianne Feinstein was helpful once to a friend who married a Jewish girl from Yemen, to get her into the US. Another time, years ago - my sister's passport was delayed and they called our local congressman Leo Ryan to help in that and he did. He later was the congressman, that was killed on the runway, in Jones-town just before the Jones-town Massacre. I don't know if they do that any more - they used to be more assessable to "the people."

What would be next?  Our local media??? I hate to go that route - kinda shy about that but we may have to. I don't want the family back in Wisconsin to get into trouble but then again, I do wish authorities would of held them partially responsible.

I WANT to run away.


  1. I have had luck with my state legislator before.
    Since he still has WI ID, CA might be thinking it is WI's problem. Some states accept money from other states for medicaid and others won't.
    It does sound like a huge mess.
    I wish I could give you some advice.

  2. I'm so sorry you're going through this.



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