Thursday, November 21, 2013

what day is it?

Today the FIL is in the hospital. Yesterday his blood sugar went through the roof - and he was rushed to emergency. He might have suffered some small strokes as well because his speech is slurred and his peripheral vision is off. The VA Rep called and told me that they have found a place for him in town, that will take him - we just need to get his DD-214's and discharge papers from both the Navy and Army for the VA pension benefit that would pay for the assisted living that he needs.  So it does seem like, things are starting to move.

It is too bad it had to get this bad - I know I shouldn't dwell on the fact that the Wisconsin family just dumped him on us - it's done and over with, but it still makes me awfully mad.

Roy continues to manipulate Charleen - making her feel guilty. I try and tell her that no one can make you feel guilty, unless you allow them. He is a real piece of work. She made the mistake of telling him that the SSI could take up to 6 mos - they never said that! They said, it will take a long time, never giving us a time-limit so where she came up with 6 mos, is beyond me.  So Roy has it in his mind, it could take 2 years. So he is freaking out and keeps asking her, "what if it takes 2 years?"  At which I keep suggesting to her, what if it takes him getting a good job and a place to live 2 years?

I just don't know - the whole thing is a mess. Today she has an appointment at the women's health center.  Next she needs a complete physical. She shakes like a leaf - and diabetes runs in the family and if she misses a meal, she slurs her speech and shakes. Plus she has that high blood pressure too.

I've got to get her plugged into something - other than me. I need the space. I do love her. She is lovable but I just can't handle someone tagging along with me all the time. I miss my alone time terribly but right now, her feelings are too fragile and I do not wish to upset her. Monday evening, we were going to attend a CODA meeting. But it was cold and wet out and we just never got out. Not just for her, but for me too. I have to check myself, making sure that I am also taking care of me. I tend to be a caretaker. 

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  1. I would be dwelling on the "dump." How can you not?


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