Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day - Boundaries and time off

Things are okay so far. The husband laid down the law - saying we needed to have time off from their constant negativity and problems. So, we took Sat off. They took Sunday off and all of us will take today off. We had to practically force them, to relax and re-charge.  I think it worked. For all of us. They still seem like they are helpless, in everything. From turning on a fan in the RV to walking around the block. I have to practice my own advice to them - take it one day at a time. Their problems and situation is so complex and big. I mean, they are really in a pickle. and we are not in a position to continually bail them out. We offered the RV - that's about it. They will have to come up with ways to make some cash to put into their car for gas. I just don't have the extra. I did offer him to wash and detail my car - for some cash and he still has not done it and it's suppose to rain.

It does seem they relied on their small church, to support them. They just stopped applying for services.  Meanwhile their small church which only consists of about 20 people, were hurting financially as a body. That is a huge commitment for a small church. While I am sure some churches here could help, most give generously both in money and volunteers to a coalition of churches, that work together to provide food and shelter.


I can't help but wonder, where the FIL is. Last we heard, he called his wife in Wisconsin and said a homeless shelter put him up in a motel 6. He told her he called us - but we checked and NO he hadn't. He also could of left a message. We called his cell phone and nothing. He is a stubborn man. However he is a scrapper and I am sure he has plugged himself in somewhere. I am sure he is mad at his son and myself - for not co-tallying to him.

Our first installment for property tax is due Dec 10 and I do not have it. We'll get part of it together I am sure but will have to pay the penalty.  That sucks. That has never happened before. By trying to help family, we have now put ourselves at risk. I babysat my nanny kids, Sat night and totally enjoyed it. They are so cute. So I made some cash toward the tax.

I am sure it will all work out.


When we rescued her a year and a half ago, she had these warts - one has grown and is bleeding. About the size of a quarter but raised up really big. So we had to take her to the vet. They scraped it and suspect a malignant cancer. They did some blood work but it all came back great. So I don't know...She seems fine - happy - active - loving. It was starting to get infected so she is on anti-biotic and a topical cream. I sure hope that thing at least heals, and stops bleeding because we adore her, warts and all.

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  1. Glad you took some time to relax. Problems, especially money problems can really drain a person and it's good that you're kicking back. Sorry about your FIL, hope he's ok.
    Doggies cute.


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