Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The honeymoon is over!

Don't mind the frequent posts and updates - I told you I would need to vent - 

(I hope you will be able to detect my sarcasm, spread throughout this post.)

Roy told me he has never left the Tacoma area, not even to go on vacation. That he has been a "working man" all his life. He said it in a defensive way...


*I took them on all their errands. They are still too scared to drive around this semi-rural town...afraid they will get lost. We drove to their bank. I sat in the car and waited for them. They come out, and he is ticked off because he said the banker guy was "unreal" and plastic.


*Drove to DMV - I asked him to go inside and pick up 2 handbooks so they could study for the California written exam. I could tell there was some resistance. Oh hell, I got out of the car, walked in and picked them up. As they just sat in the car.They have 10 days - he is pissed he has to do this.


As we drive around and I am showing them things, he keeps saying how things are "weird". Everything is weird - saying it as a put-down to our semi-rural town. Our library is small. WEIRD.  The elementary school and middle school are across the street from each other - WEIRD. There was a one way parking lot at the bank - WEIRD.  I took them to a health food store and when he came out he commented how WEIRD it was.


We saw this lady wearing a mask - I mentioned that some older people around here, who don't want to get a flu shot, wear a mask. I then just mentioned how my son Foodie, had to get a flu shot or wear a mask, because he works at a care facility.  He just wanted to argue, all of a sudden he threw a little temper tantrum saying how he refused to wear a mask or get a flu shot and if that is an issue then he is leaving. I kept trying to explain to him, that it was if you work in hospitals or care facilities - schools and the state. He refused to "hear me."  He snapped at me and raised his voice. Because of Charleen, and her feelings, I did not engage with him any longer. I could tell he wanted to rage at me. But lets get real here - I don't allow anyone to treat me like he did. You don't know how much I wanted to tear him up.

Instead, I started our drive back home.

He immediately got out and went into the RV. Poor Charleen, I could tell was nervous and trying to hold back the tears.

To be continued. 


  1. My husband works in a hospital and it was flu shot or mask.
    He doesn't sound like a pleasant person.

    1. Yep - one or the other or NO JOB.


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