Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quiet rain

It's raining - it's quiet except for the little yappy-dog next door. My body is aching probably due to the wet and cold. HOT showers usually work.

You won't believe this - but today was jury-duty BUT the court workers are out on strike. I'm not crossing a picket-line and I am sure most others wouldn't either.  Seems jury-duty is just never in the works for me.

Court Workers plan to extend one day strike

 I managed to get in some work last night. It felt good to get creative once again.

Our dog, Daisey Mae has a cancerous growth on her head. With everything going on, I forgot to talk to the vet about postponing her surgery until after the first of the year.  I also have to raise the money. About $700 for the removal of the growth and a dental cleaning. I opened up one of those fundraising websites for pets - but have not had the time to promote it. I belong to many animal rescues and so hopefully if I could find 1000 people to donate $1- I could raise $1000 - 700 for the surgery and $300 for the blood tests we just got done and is on a care card. Heck I'd be happy with half that amount - just so it doesn't put us in further debt. Thankfully there are a lot of animal-lovers out there. I have donated a small amount several times to animal needs, and its exciting to eventually see the animal get the treatment that saves their life.

I have 3 turkeys in my freezer!  I bought a 20lb turkey last week, thinking that I was going to have the FIL here as well as Roy. Now that is not going to happen because the Vet-rep told us to be careful about that, due to the shelter wanting him out of there. Foodie brought home a free 13lb turkey from his work. and a couple of months ago, I received a free 12 lb turkey.  I may have to donate one. I like turkey, but not THAT MUCH!


  1. What is the website?

  2. That quote so sounds like Sue (my sister) she is forever doing just that.........................
    Why or why does pet care have to cost so bloody much

  3. Sorry to hear that Daisy Mae needs surgery. It's terrible how expensive surgeries are!


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